Love comes on a Leash

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My name is Troi.  
​I am a girl with a boy-sounding name!  I was named after Deanna Troi on Star Trek, The Next Generation who was the ship’s counselor.  Like her, I like to meet people and try to help cheer them up.  My tail is always wagging!  I am not as big as a typical Basset Hound but with my cute cowlick face and pretty markings I think people don’t mind when I crawl in their laps.  When I was a puppy I had a major leg surgery following an injury, but Dr. Jonathan Dyce and his crew at Ohio State University worked hard to fix me up so I could walk without pain and now I even compete in dog shows!  People call me “the little Basset that could”.  I currently have several AKC titles in Rally and Obedience and who knows, tracking could be in my future as well.  My favorite thing will always be meeting new friends and cheering up people where ever I visit!