Hi everyone, this is Coopers Mom!

Cooper is the reason this book was written.  It is my tribute to him, along with all the other therapy animals who spend their days bringing such joy and happiness to everyone whose lives they touch!

Cooper was a wonderfully sweet, silly little sheltie.  He came to live with our family by accident, I went to pick up another puppy that we had decided on, when I saw little Cooper doing back flips in his crate and rolling a little ball around trying to get my attention....well, we ended up adopting two dogs that day...and have never regretted it for a moment.

Cooper was such a joy to everyone, he loved chasing butterflies in the yard, was a pro at frisbee catching and was a great babysitter to all the foster puppies we have had over the years.  He also traveled all over the country with us in our motorhome, riding in front looking out the big window, he went spulynking in caves, and shopping in Chicago.

But his greatest accomplishment was when at the age of 8, after passing his Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, he did the same on his Pet Partners therapy test!  I could not have been prouder of my little guy then at that moment.

Even though his time as a therapy dog was short, he loved our trips to go on visits, and the ice cream he got on our way back home.

My heart tells me Cooper would approve of this book written so that he may continue to be a part of something he truly loved!

Love comes on a Leash

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