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Love comes on a Leash


 My name is Arlo! 
I was rescued from a local city shelter after I was found dragging my legs behind me down a city street. I have what is called, degenerative disc disease which had never been treated. I have no feeling from my mid back down.
My mom says I have an affinity for kindness to people, and light up a room when I enter it. Sometimes seeing dogs in wheelchairs brings people to a place they're unfamiliar with and invokes all manner of responses. But, overall I am loved and everyone waits to see me when I visit at the hospital each week. I am six years old and in great health.
I also attend weekly adoptions with my Mom. They often use me as a tool to educate people on mobility solutions for their own pets, showing that wheelchairs for dogs are a great way to go if they should need one!