Love comes on a Leash

"This book is an excellent resource for teachers to use in the classroom while teaching students about diversity, being kind and helpful to others, and that all of us can make a positive difference in our world."  

                                                                                        Deb Stevens, Teacher

                                                                                   Grand Haven CBI-II & III

Meet Natchez, and all his therapy friends, as he shows Henry and Cleo what life is like for a therapy dog!  

Discover what kind of dogs can be therapy dogs. What they need to know in order to pass their therapy dog test.  And, read about all the places they visit and the people they meet as therapy dogs. Natchez and his therapy friends will share lessons along the way, just like they do when they are out visiting in real life.  He will even let you in on what they like to do when their not being therapy dogs....

You will surely be entertained and delighted with the whole gang and you might even learn a thing or two along the way!   


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